This load of hogwash was getting lots of comments today on the Facebook Amateur Radio Operators Group:

Sources inside ARRL confirm a new public service program to aid our government in the war on terror. LOTW logs are being shared with the National Security Agency. This monitoring of our communications with foreign nationals began 2 years ago and is apart of the program known as PRISM.

Reading the whole article, it doesn’t take a media analyst to figure out that it’s a load of BS. It’s fake, and not even of the well-written variety like Ham Hijinks produces.

Of course, some of the folks on Facebook are reacting predictably, threatening to quit the ARRL, threatening to quit using Logbook of the World, raging against the government, etc. This irks me… because we sure don’t need less people using LOTW.

Even if this were true, y’all do remember that everything we transmit is already public right?

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