ARRL Centennial Leaderboards now online

ARRL Centennial

As the ARRL promised, a leaderboard and suite of tools to track progress for the Centennial QSO Party are finally online at

The site lets you see how many W1AW stations you’ve contacted and tracks your point totals for the Centennial Challenge. It’s interesting to see the score breakdowns: For instance I can check the details of my score and see that I’ve worked several past section managers, some ARRL staff members, a handful of QST columnists and everything from official QSL card checkers to plain old ARRL members.

Because I’m a public information officer for our ARRL-affiliated club, I’m worth 12 points to any station that works me. There’s also a callsign search that allows you to lookup point values on any ham.

I believe this site has just launched this week. We’ll see how it goes as the year progresses, but for now, it looks like the ARRL did a fine job.

EDIT: Well I guess I’m late to the party, apparently the leaderboard has been live since the 20th. I don’t know how I missed it considering how many times I jump on LOTW throughout the day.

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