Am I in the log?

W1AW/7 (Idaho) was on several bands tonight and I need ID on CW, so I decided to try working him on 40 meters. Everyone else was there too, and there was quite a pile-up, with /7 operating split to accommodate the action.

Having never worked a CW station in split mode, I figured it was time to go ahead and pull off the band-aid. Using the P3, I managed to find what I believed to be the exact spot where he was listening and narrowed my focus there. I sent my call nearly 40 times over a 20-minute period, when he finally came back with what sounded like “4DSD” along with a signal report. I sent my call again, then my signal report, but before my final characters, he sent TU and started CQing again.

Somehow I doubt I’m in his log, but we’ll see. At any rate, I shall attempt to work as many /7 stations as I can this week just to be sure.

The previous night I was on the sked page and noticed N4HID, a Kentucky station. I asked him if we could try a quick CW QSO, since I needed his state. He told we’d give it a shot in 30 minutes. True to his word, he came back to me in a half hour and we completed the QSO.

Then, via the sked page, I noticed W1AW/4 was on 40 meters. I quickly tuned over and got in before the pile-up started. Turns out the /4 operator was the guy I had just had the CW QSO with. He recognized my call and explained to me his /4 shift had just started. We chatted briefly and after I 73ed, what sounded like 1,000 stations started calling for him, and one of the most chaotic pile-ups I’ve ever heard ensued. I have to hand it to these W1AW operators, they are operating in god mode to deal with these pile-ups!

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