The agonizing wait

I can almost see the finish line for the Worked All States Triple Play. I must check Logbook of the World 100 times a day to see who has QSLed… and lately, hardly anyone has.

I grabbed W1AW/7 on CW yet again last night, this time with a solid contact on 40 meters. I was certain he busted my call on my previous attempt on 40 meters, but last night was an easy in and out, working him via my straight key no less. He hadn’t gone split yet, so I gave him a call and he came back to me on the first pop. That marked my 4th CW QSO with /7 across three bands. I look forward to receiving confirmation on LOTW soon.

A phenomenon I’ve experienced recently over at the K3UK Sked Page has left me a little frustrated. My last half a dozen or so attempts at scheduling QSOs (particularly CW QSOs) have been met with silence. The routine is something like this: Check the sked page; “oh wow, I need that state for the Triple, I’ll message him;” wait; wait some more; wait more than an hour; nothing heard.

Ah well.

Charlotte Hamfest

I hit the road Saturday with a friend of mine and we headed to the Charlotte Hamfest. As usual, I didn’t buy anything, even though I found exactly what I was looking for — a Bushwacker single-lever paddle, which I intended to use as a “cootie” key.

The Bushwacker comes as a kit, and the gentleman selling it in the flea market area had already assembled his. I tried it and I really liked the action. Unfortunately, seeing lust in my eyes, he waffled on the price, then couldn’t decide whether he even wanted to sell it. I felt like he wasn’t dealing with me on the square so I moved along. Never saw another single lever key. As it turns out, I can purchase the kit new cheaper than he was willing to sell his used one.

It’s always nice to see some ham radio “celebrities” in Charlotte and this year was no exception. QST columnist and HamRadioNow producer Gary, KN4AQ was there, and ARRL President Kay, N3KN, actually sat behind me during the Wake Atoll forum presented by the Carolinas DX Association. (this was an excellent presentation!).

Some of the guys from the recent Amsterdam Island DXpedition were also on-hand, although I had to leave before their presentation began.

Overall attendance seemed to be up and there were more vendors and tables in the flea market. Prices looked inflated on almost everything (A grungy 30-year-old Yaesu FT-101: $360? Seriously?). Neither Yaesu nor Flex were there, although Ten Tec was, and I had fun playing around with a few of their rigs.

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