Three down, one state left

Despite my rambling post of only a few hours ago, things are looking hopeful. I managed to get three big ones in the log this evening.

My efforts in e-mailing hams paid off for Delaware and Wyoming, and the K3UK board finally yielded a North Dakota digital QSO to land me a true Worked All States – Digital endorsement. I’m still waiting for a few confirmations on LOTW, but with tonight’s acquisitions, I’m left still hunting for Nebraska.

As I mentioned in my previous diatribe, I had to eat some humble pie and start e-mailing some guys in these rare states and ask for help. I located Karl, N8NA, in Delaware via the ARRL’s website because he was the W1AW portable operator for Delaware a few months back. Gee, it sure would have been great if I’d just caught Delaware while that was going on. I must have been reading the new Harley Quinn comics … or something.

Anyway, I e-mailed him and he wrote back within an hour and agreed to meet up with me around 10 p.m. We exchanged cell phone numbers and when 10 p.m. hit, we arranged the QSO and frequency via text message. The irony of this fact is not lost on me. We made the contact on 80 meters, then moved to 30 meters because he needed SC on that band. I was happy to oblige, although conditions were rotten. I could still make out his call, so it went into the log.

Around that same time, Alan, KO7X, out of Wyoming, e-mailed me and said he was game for a QSO. I immediately replied and he responded with a QRG. We completed the QSO on 20 meters with some QSB, but decent reports both ways.

I then noticed Griz, KD4POJ, out of North Dakota, on the Sked Page. He was setting up his rig for RTTY and sent me a frequency on 20 meters to attempt the contact. He was a genuine 599 with a booming signal and we had a conversational but short QSO.

I closed the evening with a quickie QSO with Mark, K4ED, out of Virginia, just to get that state in the log again for insurance, since all my VA contacts thus far have not confirmed for unknown reasons.

The weirdest moment of the night? When my wife walked in while I was in QSO with KO7X to inform me that my keying was dimming the lights in the house. Now that’s some powerful code!

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