World Necktie QSO Party

From the wonderfully strange and creative mind of my friend Jeff, K1NSS:

1492187_10200844967845922_38420843_oWEIRD TRICK REVERSES DECLINE OF HAM CIVILIZATION!

Can you still tie a necktie?

Then you can strike a blow against the barbarians of 14.313 ham culture. It’s not about a frequency so much as persistent, malicious, witless, misuse of the radio spectrum that has traditionally given so many of us so much civililzed pleasure.

What’s up with the Windsor Knot action?

Once upon a time, Real Old Men wore ties on the air. Not everybody did. But everybody didn’t need to wear a necktie because so many did, which kept the lids down. Neckties are Lid Kryptonite. And the hard cases felt the pain right through the aether.

Would it work again? Well, it’s gonna take a lot of ties and we don’t have much time before the barbarians have a beach head on every HF band.

Introducing the International Necktie QSO Party. We invite all licensed radio amateurs to post pictures of themselves wearing neckties in their shacks on Facebook’s 21st century aether.

Furthermore, given enough support, we hope to designate a day, night, weekend, some block of time as the 2014 International Necktie QSO Party, during which hams so attired may contact one another and spread orderly good cheer and fellowship.

There’s also a Facebook group!

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