First QSOs with the Vibroplex

I was fortunate to have off on Friday, so I took the opportunity to get on the air for a bit this morning before I headed off to run errands.

I noticed the solar flux index was quite high, so I started on 10 meters. As I tuned around I encountered two beacons located in California. Interesting. I decided to call CQ at 10 watts or so on CW and see if I could get spotted on the Reverse Beacon Network. I got spotted alright, by KD6WKY, who hailed me for a QSO. I was struggling mightily to both copy and send the code, so I hacked and slashed my way through what had to be an awful QSO for the guy on the other end. At least he was a solid 599!

I tuned around a bit on 12 meters and ran into PJ4H, a German DXpedition on Bonaire. He was running a split operation, with very few takers, so I jumped into the fray and one-shotted the QSO, sending 5NN SC TU and backed out.

I decided to see if anything was shaking on 17 meters, and it was. It took me a few tries, but OV1CDX out of Denmark caught my call and we had a very brief exchange. He was a solid 589.

I switched over to SSB and heard KP4FD on the phone portion of 17M. He picked me up on the first shot, and during our chat, mentioned to me that he did his basic training at Ft. Jackson here in Columbia. I get that response quite often.

Seeing some new action spring forth on the panadapter, I spun the dial backwards a few KC and landed on CT7AEQ out of Portugal calling CQ. Another one-shot!

I returned to the radio around 11 p.m. and went on the hunt for some nice action on CW. I found WD9DWE calling CQ at a medium pace on 40 meters, so I gave him a call and we had a nice rubber stamp QSO with an exchange of SKCC numbers for good measure.

Then it was down to 80M CW to snipe off W1AW/5. He was operating split and grabbed me after two calls. Great op!

I just added W1AW/0 over on 20 meter CW after hanging out in the split pile-up for a bit. I’m getting some good practice with the Vibroplex. This thing has really grown on me. I feel like it could be adjusted a little tighter, but it’s working out quite well — much nicer than I thought when I first began using it 6 days ago.

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