A couple interesting stations in the log

I managed to work W1AW/0 and /5 both on 40 meter CW Saturday night (that makes two bands for each now), but it was a contact with Panama, HO100CANAL, that really made my day. That’s not a call sign I’d like to have to send in CW very often though. It was a new country for me too.

All three QSOs were straightforward splits and easy grabs.

I saw some Macedonian stations on the cluster last night and heard Z35T booming on 20M with very few takers. I tried working him several times but either he didn’t hear me, or chose not to respond, because he merely continued calling CQ.

A short distance down the band I located Z33Z, equally strong, but with QSB, and he picked me up on the first shot. Unfortunately I muffed my own callsign and ended up sending something like KK4DIN, so after he sent me a signal report, I tried to get my call corrected. It took a few tries but we got it sorted out.

After the QSO I checked my log only to realize I’d worked Macedonia ages ago. So much for new DX — although it was nice to get that country on code. At present I have 107 DX entities in the log, with 64 confirmed on Logbook of the World. Perhaps one weekend I will figure out which countries I need to send QSL cards to in order to complete DXCC.

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