Random ramblings; working AM; new photos

A couple random things:

  • Now that the weather is nice and the days are long, I’ve resumed my evening walks. Not doing as much radio as a result. There’s never enough time!
  • For some reason I’ve become interested in working some AM. My K3 will need the AM filter to make that happen (You can listen on the USB/LSB but you don’t get that warm sound), but I could always hook up the FT-847 again… or I could go in a completely different direction and jump into that most noble pursuit: Running vintage gear. Hehe. I can imagine leaning into my PR 781 and easing into long-winded ragchews late into the night on esoteric topics ranging from UFO sightings, to conspiracy theories and techno-erotic paganism.
  • I really like a few of the recent photos from our club’s swap meet held last weekend. I have to say, our club members are a tolerant bunch, or maybe they have just gotten so used to me running around with my camera, that they don’t mind.
  • I look forward to possibly working a VHF contest later this summer. Currently seeking antenna, location, and amplification options.
  • I need to put the 6M moxon back on the air.
  • Free Comic Book Day is Saturday (and I have to work the first part of the day, boo…)
  • Will this be the summer than I finally hike up to one of South Carolina’s paltry peaks and perform a SOTA activation?
  • Jerry, KD0BIK, on his latest podcast, mentioned an interesting strategy for making contacts: Find an open frequency, spot yourself everywhere (clusters, Twitter, etc.), and call CQ ARRL Centennial. I haven’t heard anyone calling CQ in that manner, but honestly, I’ve been down in the CW portions for the last few weeks and haven’t done much SSB at all. Perhaps if I mentioned I was worth 12 points in the party I’d get a run of QSOs going.

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