Splinter II kit released


Fellow club member Bill, W4FSV, has released an update to his original Splinter radio kit. The Splinter II improves upon the original in the following ways (from www.breadboardradio.com):

  • 40 meter DC receiver with improved audio.
  • Sidetone volume is now variable.
  • Higher RF output with cool running final (500-650 mw).
  • New switching transistor allows use of keyers.
  • New VXO is easy to use and pulls HC-49 crystals 5 to 7 kHz

The price of the kit remains the same as the original at $54.95.

Bill has been teasing us with news of this release for a while, and I can certainly see some welcome changes, particularly in now being able to use a keyer, and the variable sidetone volume. The original rig had a very low sidetone, although it could be boosted using his “Toothpick” audio filter kit.

The original Splinter was the first kit I ever tackled, and I learned how to solder while working on it. I went on to build all of Bill’s kits and had a blast in doing so. They are great for beginners and are comprised solely on through-hole components on a nicely-spaced board.

I may build a Splinter II for the heck of it, although I’d really like to get the SoftRock RX II up and going first, and move to another surface-mount project, like one of those scarce Mountain Toppers.

Here are some previous postings I made about my Breadboard Radio kit builds:

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