“Archie’s Ham Radio Adventure” comic artist Stan Goldberg is SK

archie_1I’ve become a huge comic geek in the past year, and one of the real treasured items I have in my collection is a copy of “Archie’s Ham Radio Adventure,” which was given to me by a friend a year ago.

I didn’t really know a lot about the book, but I scanned it up and gave it a quick review here on the blog. I bagged and boarded the comic and placed it in a storage box along with Spider-Man, Harley Quinn, Batman and everything in between.

After returning from DragonCon in Atlanta, where I spent the Labor Day weekend immersed in comic book culture, I learned Stan Goldberg, one of the artists responsible for Archie’s Ham Radio Adventure, had passed away. The news came directly from Jim Massara, N2EST, who penned QST cartoons in the 1980s and also once worked for Marvel. He found my blog post about Archie and left a comment concerning Mr. Goldberg’s passing.

Jim was quoted in the ARRL’s article on the artist’s passing and elaborated on his significance:

“He’s the reason Spider Man’s costume is red and dark blue, the reason the Incredible Hulk’s skin is green. Goldberg was a giant in our industry.”

Massara said Goldberg was best known for drawing teen-related comics, first for Timely, a Marvel Comics predecessor, where Goldberg started as a staff colorist in 1949, when he was just 16. He went on to work for DC Comics and, finally, for Archie Comics starting in the early 1970s. “He was Archie Comics’ prolific lead artist for a number of years, and along with Dan DeCarlo was one of two artists who defined the look of Archie and the gang for several decades,” Massara told ARRL.

There’s a very nice tribute to Stan and his influence on Archie over at the artist’s Facebook page.

I can only imagine what impact this book would have had on me as a kid!


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