Someone has time on their hands

Saw this on the ARRL’s site this week and couldn’t believe that two hams actually received warnings from the FCC for not IDing properly on-air.

The FCC Enforcement Bureau has released Warning Notice letters it sent in July to two radio amateur, advising them that it monitored transmissions in which they failed to identify properly. The Bureau posted the correspondence earlier this month on its Amateur Radio Service Enforcement Actions web page.

One of the accused gentlemen named in the article is an Extra-class operator from Inman, S.C., so that piqued my interest. The other, a General class op, is located in Delaware. Both were said to be on 7.185 on July 15 and 16 operating “for 20 minutes without identifying in a timely manner.”

Yes, all good hams know you are supposed to ID every 10 minutes, and these two guys were evidently breaking that rule. Both should know better. It just seems unusual to call them out publicly in this manner.

Maybe this will serve as a warning to some of the grumpy guys down on 75 meters?

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