Time for #WATwitter 2014

I’ve been away from radio for so long that the concept of logging QSOs seems foreign. Ugh. How did I get to this point? Combination of things I imagine: Lack of time, other hobbies, lack of interest, that feeling that I’ve done everything I really set out to accomplish in the hobby (not true, there is a lot left to do).

In the past few months I have read 200+ comic books and got sucked into the new World of Warcraft expansion. I’ve taken lots of photos, been fooling with a new DSLR. Whatever. Point is, I haven’t had an HF QSO in a long time.

The long holiday weekend coming up should present a few nice opportunities to get back into the hobby. I always enjoy the “Worked All Twitter” effort scheduled around the Thanksgiving weekend. It’s really the only reason I use Twitter. You can read more about it over at Bionic Nerd’s blog, but the idea is to self-spot on Twitter or check for spots using the #WATwitter hashtag and attempt to make contact with those stations. It’s not a contest, just a fun clash of new and old social media.

Provided I can yank myself out of Azeroth, put down the Spider-Man books, and remember how to work my radio, I’ll hopefully log a few stations.

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