Learning how to be a ham again

I logged my first QSO of the new year tonight, and it was a CW contact.

I missed all the action with the North America QSO Party (SSB) this weekend, although I did have the radio on for an hour or so and listened to the exchanges. I managed to clear some time Sunday evening around twilight in hopes of catching some grayline propagation.

I started on 17 meters USB and discovered the band was open. My first target was a station in Guadeloupe, FG4NN. While he was +10dB over S9 here, he wasn’t hearing me. To be fair, he had a lot of JAs calling him and was grabbing them over weak stateside stations like me. I don’t blame ’em.

While waiting in the pile-up, I heard N0UN boom in at 40 over, one-shot the QSO and get out. I’m a fan of N0UN’s blog, so it was cool hearing him live.

Anyway, life’s too short to sit in an endless pile-up on sideband, so I dialed up 20 meters, didn’t hear anything fun there, and made my way to 40 meters. There was a lot of SSB action, but mostly ragchew, so I decided to check the CW portion of the band and see if I could make any sort of QSO before heading to dinner.

Tuning around, I heard a CQ call and paused. It was FG/F5HRY, a French station, apparently operating out of Guadeloupe (the Caribbean again?). At first, the code sounded like gibberish to me. I realized just how long I’d been away from the rig. Fortunately, he was keeping the exchanges as short as possible: 5NN TU. I can understand that just fine. I like that.

I placed the rig in test mode and tested out my key for a minute or two. Yep, I can still send my call and 5NN. Once he ran out of takers, I fired off my call and (of course) botched the “S,” sending an “I” instead. I’m used to making this mistake, so I tried to keep cool. He came back with KK4DID, so I resent my call. He came back with a partial and “?” for the suffix. Excellent. I fired my call off again, didn’t muff it up, and he repeated it back with a report. Then I realized my hand was shaking I was so nervous. I barely managed to key out “RR 5NN TU” and that was that. My first QSO of 2015 was in the log.

I have a couple informal goals for the year:

  • First and foremost, I need to get interested in the hobby again, even if I can just set aside and hour or two several times a week to operate. SPAR Winter Field Day is coming up this weekend, and while I won’t be operating solo, I sure hope to make a few Qs with my club.
  • Secondly, I want to officially complete DXCC. I have more than 100 unique countries in the log, but I’d say only about 60 of them are confirmed via Logbook of the World. It’s time to get this one sorted out.
  • Finally, I want to activate a Summits on the Air peak. I’ve wanted to do this since before I was licensed. I have the gear to do it; I just need to make the time.

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