Tubular Bells and VLF interference

This is amazing! Low frequency Morse code embedded in the recording of Oldfield’s classic album, Tubular Bells.

I love these intersections of radio and music. I was obsessed with the Tubular Bell’s album for much of my senior year in high school after I learned that the music had been featured in the classic horror film, The Exorcist. The music itself is eerie enough, but this just adds another layer of intrigue.

I may have to pull out my CD and give this a shot!

Ham Radio Blog PD0AC

Tubular BellsRemember that album from Mike Oldfield? A user on YouTube found out that this album contains a hidden and unintentional CW message.

This was caused by a powerful VLF station located next to the recording studio, which interfered with the recording equipment. Because the signal is very weak nobody ever noticed it — until now.

The video below shows you how to receive VLF signals with nothing else than an antenna plugged into the microphone input of your sound card and SDRSharp to make it visible and audible.

The decoding of the the Tubular Bells signal is shown at 9:54.

(via Reddit)

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