Close but no cigar at the swapfest

Our club held its annual “swapfest” this past weekend, and I took a trunkload of gear that I’d hoped to sell, namely a Baofeng UV3R, a programming cable for that radio, an old 2m/440 antenna with a drill-through mount and a magmount, an old Icom desk mic, and my old Yaesu FT-847 station, complete with LDG autotuner and the Yaesu desk mic.

The Baofeng handheld went fast and I picked up nearly as much as I originally paid for it. I ended up giving away the ratty dual-band antenna along with the two mounts. The Icom desk mic also went on its merry way. I’d never had much luck with it and it will need the connector rewired anyway, so I didn’t mind parting with it.

I’d especially hoped to unload the Yaesu 847, tuner and mic as one complete package. (Plus extras: a custom Signalink cable, and a duplexer for dual band antennas) It’s been unused and in the original box since I put my K3 online. Ironically, the first person to come over and ask about it was the gentleman who sold it to me back in 2012. I jokingly asked he if wanted to buy his rig back, and he seemed to seriously consider it for a moment, and mentioned he’d thought about getting another 847. Ultimately, the conversation turned to drones, astronomy and photography, and there was no sale.

Another guy there mentioned he wanted to get into 2-meter SSB and was very interested in the rig. He told me how much cash he brought, which was in line with how much I needed for the rig, plus I lowered my already deeply-discounted asking price a bit more in an effort to sweeten the deal, but again, no sale.

I guess my next step will be to put the station on the local Yahoo “ham swap” reflector and see if anyone bites.

In other news, thanks to recent contests, I’ve picked up a few more LOTW confirmations for the DXCC chase. I now need 19 confirmations to finish up DXCC mixed. Looks like I’d be better off trying to exchange QSL cards than hold out hope for a few of these. Wonder when K1N will upload for non-donors?

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