Updates + a new game for 75 meters

It’s been a long time since I’ve written anything here, and as before, it’s largely because I simply haven’t been on-air or involved in the hobby in a meaningful way over the past few months.

I tried to get back in action this week and scored a few CW QSOs (Croatia and Italy), and a quick SSB QSO with a station in Scotland, who immediately confirmed on Logbook of the World, giving me a new DX and placing me 18 confirmations away from the DXCC wallpaper. My only quest at the moment is to finish DXCC.

In my previous post I was lamenting my luck at a recent swap meet because I couldn’t seem to find a buyer for my FT-847. Well, the FT-847 has been SOLD. I posted it on a regional ham swap board a few weeks ago and within 24 hours I had an “I’ll take it!” response. The gentleman that purchased it from me has some mutual acquaintances and he intends to use the 847 at the heart of a Moonbounce station. I couldn’t be happier selling it to him.

As Field Day approaches, I’m looking at doing “something different” this year with some close friends, rather than with my club. While I enjoy the camaraderie of the club and seeing the enthusiasm of our members, the actual operating and competitive aspect seems to get lost in problem solving, equipment issues, QRM from adjacent stations, and the constant hovering and chatter from bystanders. I just find it very hard to operate when I feel like I’m on exhibit in a zoo. However, I am still the public information officer for the club, so I do feel obligated to come out and greet any media or ARRL representatives.

On a lighter note, I saw this amazing scavenger hunt game on Reddit today and it made me want to dial up a 75 meter frequency and play along!

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