Another new one and a couple easy ones

A recent life change has enabled me to get home from work much earlier than in recent years, so I’ve been enjoying that great time between 5 and 7 p.m. when the bands aren’t jammed up and the grayline propagation is fine business.

I added another new DX entity yesterday with J79RZ, a station operating from the island of Dominica in the Lesser Antilles. I heard him on 15 meters with a booming signal and from the J in his callsign and accent I thought I was hearing a station from Japan. The QRZ lookup showed he indeed was from Japan, but operating from Dominica. I was able to get him in the log on the second try despite a growing pile-up.

I tuned around in the CW portion of 17 meters and encountered a very weak station from Azerbaijan — the first time I’ve heard that particular country on the air. While his signal occasionally popped up to S3 or so, it was fluttery and difficult to copy. He was CQing with no takers, but my efforts to make a contact were unsuccessful. Perhaps next time.

For a couple easy grabs I picked up R120K on 17 meters CW, and P40FY out of Aruba on 20 meters CW, both with huge signals.

Looking towards the weekend, I see the European PSK Club is hosting a contest. Not sure what level of activity this one gets, but it might be worth checking out for grabbing some DXCC confirmations.

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