A “clean sweep” of the 13 Colonies


I guess a few years makes a difference. Back in 2012, as a complete ham radio newbie, I worked about 2-3 of these 13 Colonies stations. I think I worked a few more over the years, but never achieved the “clean sweep” — that is, working all of them during the five-day event.

I believe it was Wednesday night when I clicked on the rig and stumbled across the event. I grabbed nearly half the stations that night, and a handful the next night, including the bonus station, WM3PEN. Friday morning/afternoon I closed the gap down to two, and that evening I grabbed the rest. Overall a low-stress, fun event.

I’m fortunate that I can easily switch between digital modes, CW and voice, because all three modes came into play to knock out all the stations, particularly, the New York station, which never came in strong on phone, but was an easy grab on RTTY.

Here’s my final breakdown:

  • K2A – New York – 40M RTTY
  • K2B – Virginia – 40M SSB
  • K2C – Rhode Island – 40M SSB
  • K2D – Connecticut – 20M SSB
  • K2E – Delaware – 40M SSB
  • K2F – Maryland – 40M SSB
  • K2G – Georgia – 40M CW, 40M RTTY
  • K2H – Massachusetts – 20M PSK31, 20M SSB
  • K2I – New Jersey – 20M SSB
  • K2J – North Carolina – 40M SSB, 80M SSB
  • K2K – New Hampshire – 20M SSB
  • K2L – South Carolina – 40M SSB, 40M RTTY, 40M CW
  • K2M – Pennsylvania – 40M SSB
  • WM3PEN – Bonus station – 40M CW, 40M PSK31
  • 20 QSOs total

Just some quick soapbox comments: Two resources were helpful for locating the special event stations, the dxheat.com website, and the 13 Colonies spot page. While I didn’t hear a lot of rude behavior in the pile-ups, there was no shortage of snark on the spotting networks, particularly on DX Heat, where some operators used the service as a chatroom or sounding board for their frustrations. This seems to be happening a lot lately. There is really no excuse for anyone to use the cluster to comment on an operator’s abilities (e.g. “OP is deaf,” “NEW OP PSE,” “Turn the beam,” etc.), or to rant and rave about pile-ups, or to make requests (e.g. “Why no CW????”).

An effort like the 13 Colonies is stressful enough for the operators without stuff like this. I think all the stations I worked did an excellent job in some very busy, very noisy conditions.

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