Good stuff on the net right now

We had our regular club meeting last night and I asked for a few moments to present a quick “field report” on my first SOTA activation. It seemed to be well-received — at least I hope it was. I mentioned to the crowd that doing a SOTA activation was on my “ham radio bucket list” … a term that I typically hate using because it implies I’m on my last legs. I also mentioned I’d like to try moonbounce and talking to astronauts, and once I completed those items, I’d be ready to pack it in.

Right on cue, blogger/ham radio op, NT1K wrote a post today about his ham radio bucket list, and it made me realize I still have some major accomplishments left to do. It’s a good read, so go check it out.

Other items of interest lately:

  • The Lid List. Man, I hope I never show up on this site. At least if you show up on there, you can e-mail the admin, admit your mistake and get removed from the Lid List. Basically, it’s a site that calls out bad ops. For example, a recent posting (which has since been removed) caught a KK6 station pulling the lid triple play: Operating out of band for his license, calling out of turn, and calling on top of a QSO in-progress. Ouch!
  • Facebook — what is it good for? Admittedly, I’m not much of a Facebook user, but W2LJ’s recent post reminded me that there is some valuable stuff related to ham radio on there.
  • Keep Calm and Move On. Maybe the best way to deal with Morse Code is to quit worrying about it. Great advice from KE9V on how to circumvent the most difficult parts of dealing with code and just use the mode.
  • Build your own CW decoder. Neat series of articles on how to build a CW decoder with an Arduino.
  • Jerry, KD0BIK, breaks PARP silence. Yes Jerry, your fans are still out here waiting! Jerry’s Practical Amateur Radio Podcast is one of the best. Listen to Jerry’s impressive backlog of podcasts if you actually want to learn something useful! (Soapbox: I must admit, I can’t even listen to Ham Nation anymore, and a new ham radio podcast that seems to be gaining momentum in the scene left me completely cold after several over-long episodes full of dry humor and inside jokes.)
  • My friend Bill’s company (Breadboard Radio) made it into the comprehensive radio kit guide once again. I’ve built his entire line of kits, and documented some of those builds here on the site.

That about wraps it up for me. I’d planned to operate for Islands on the Air this past weekend at Hilton Head, but with fairly miserable weather and a busy schedule, I never made it down to the shore with the FT-817 and antenna.

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