Hmmm. No thanks, ARRL…


This landed in my inbox today:

Have You Heard? You Qualify for the ARRL Centennial Points Challenge Award!

No! You don’t say?!? Great!

Congratulations, you have accumulated points, worked new stations, made new friends around the world and qualified for the Centennial Points Challenge Award!

Indeed! Right on! That’s what I’m talking about. Wallpaper!!!!

The Centennial Points Challenge Award is based on the accumulation of points from qualifying QSOs made throughout 2014 and uploaded to LoTW. Recognize your achievement with a beautifully designed certificate to display in your home, office or shack!

Yes yes!! Tell me more. I need this!!

Centennial Points Certificate ONLY $16 US.

Uhhhhhh… hmmm $16 eh? (insert “womp-womp” sad noise here) All for a piece of paper with my name on it to commemorate something that required no skill to achieve? I think I’ll pass.

Oh and by the way ARRL, where’s my doodad/award/trinket/challenge coin for being a W1AW/portable operator back last year? I know at least three of my buddies locally who got one of these… I believe it looks sort of like this. I was really excited to learn about those momentos, since I was very proud to have the chance to operate as W1AW/4 for several hectic evenings/afternoons, but it seems I’ve been overlooked somehow. (insert “womp-womp” sad noise, again)

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