Three quick things…

This will be quick:

1. The South Carolina QSO Party is this weekend.  I intend to operate throughout the day exclusively on RTTY. Unless, of course, no one responds to 100 CQs, in which case I will switch to SSB.

2. I’m currently 13 confirmations away from DXCC. I should have been done with this by now, and when the summer began, I was trying to finish it off, but as with many things, I became distracted and ham radio hit the back burner. At least my K1N confirmations finally arrived!

3. More fun with Python. Here’s my “new and improved” Summits on the Air util. This one will load up the last 10 spots from and display them in glorious 16-color ASCII/ANSI. The arrow keys can be used to scroll up and down through the list. Improvements include the scrolling routine, it pulls 10 spots instead of just 5 (I could pull more…), a command to refresh the listing on the fly, and some slicing to tame very long comment entries.

Screen Shot 2015-09-13 at 1.03.08 AM

2 thoughts on “Three quick things…

    • Hi Cale, thanks for the comment! Right now everything related to the old BBS and Python is running on a virtual Linux machine. However, I am in the process of moving it to a physical machine and will make it public in the upcoming weeks. I’ll let you know!

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