E-mail scam targeting ARRL addresses?

An e-mail landed in my inbox this morning that was from the “Arrl Webmail Admin” that mentioned so-called changes in the ARRL mail system. Like a lot of ARRL members, I have my arrl.net e-mail forwarding active for my callsign, so I assumed this was some change to the ARRL system. Since I was reading the mail on my phone as I was rushing out of the house for work, I decided to deal with it later.

Taking a closer look at this e-mailed raised a lot of red flags. For one, it wasn’t from any ARRL domain, and second, the content didn’t make a lot of sense:

This message is from arrl.net messaging center to all arrl.net email account owners. We are removing access to all our mail clients. Your email account will be upgraded to a new enhanced web mail user interface provided by arrl.net.

Effective from the moment this email has been received and response received from you. arrl.net will discontinue the use of our arrl.net mail and our arrl.net mail Lite interfaces.

To ensure your e-mail address book is saved in our database. Please click the reply button and enter your arrl.net

username here ( )
Password here ( )
City ( )
Country of Residence ( )

Well, ARRL has never offered any sort of “client” or webmail as far as I know. Furthermore, the e-mail asked for username, password, city and country — yeah, this is definitely looking like a scam.

I don’t know if anyone else has received one of these. I didn’t see anything on the ARRL website about it.

If you examine the header of this e-mail, you’ll see a very suspicious “reply-to” address, accountupgradingcenter@bitscn.net.

Don’t let ’em fool ya!

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