Winter Field Day is back

I received word from Tom, WD8MBE, last night that Winter Field Day is back on and under “new management,” so to speak.

I was grousing here earlier this year about how I wished WFD had more participation. I’ll tell anyone who will listen, that WFD is the event that initiated me into the world of HF — so it’s an event that I certainly have strong feelings about, and I want to see it grow. Sadly, the event’s organizers, the Society for Preservation of Amateur Radio, have seemingly vanished. No one was able to submit logs for the contest this year, as the e-mail address we were sending them to was gone.

I don’t know what happened to SPAR, but as with so many hobbies, “life happens” and people have to re-shuffle their priorities.  With some of the life changes I’ve experienced this year alone, I can certainly sympathize.

The good news is, a group of dedicated hams are picking up where SPAR left off, and hopefully WFD will fire off without missing a beat this year.

The new Winter Field Day Association’s website lists all the rules for the contest. The exchange has been somewhat simplified — a welcome change in my opinion. More importantly, the leadership seems energized (there’s also a Facebook group), and I believe this is shaping up to be an excellent event.

As a side note, I am now president-elect of the Columbia Amateur Radio Club, and I’m pleased to say that our club’s first non-service on-air outing under my leadership will likely be Winter Field Day.

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