Dutch Fork team wins the state for S.C. QSO Party

Results from the South Carolina QSO Party were posted yesterday and it looks like our Dutch Fork team, W4DFG, finished with a massive score, effectively winning the multi-operator, multi-transmitter category.

I don’t know how many multi-multi entries there were overall, but our score of 217,451  was still among the highest submitted in the entire contest. Only one other station cracked 200,000 and that honor went to N4CW, who finished with 894 CW QSOs to our all-mode (but heavily SSB-weighted) mix  of 625.

I’m always amazed when a station — particularly a mobile one — like N4CW can reach these high QSO counts, particularly on CW during a contest that is traditionally been very SSB-saturated. Operating from ideal conditions at the Dutch Fork shack, with Yagi antennas, longwires and loops, we weren’t struggling, but clearly we fell short of N4CW.

High digital mode QSO counts also leave me scratching my head, as digital modes just don’t seem to be as popular for this QSO party. I attempted RTTY and PSK efforts but got very few takers. Some were just casual ragchew ops that responded not even knowing we were contesting.

Regardless, I was happy to be part of the team that made the effort happen. Considering we weren’t a “bonus station” this year, we still put up a good on-air presence and made a lot of contacts through persistence and tenacious operating.

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